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Welcome to the 2023 Math Challengers Season! Registration is now open - please go to the Registration page.

Both In-Person and Online Contest in 2023. For those schools that find it inconvenient to attend a Regional Competition in person, they can choose to compete online. Coaches for these schools will find a suitable place for their students to complete the compettion. In addtion, these coaches will invigilate, print and mark their own papers. Contestants that perform well at the Online Competition will be invited to the in-person Provincial Finals. There is no fee for contestants that participate in the Online Competition. 2023 Online Competition Instructions

The Regions have been changed for 2023. The region boundaries have been updated for 2023 to redistribute contestants to the regions that have more room. Schools that find it difficult to travel to their new region are invited to participate in the Online Competition.
Additional online Face-Off in 2023! We will have an extra online Face-Off open to all contestants. It will be held prior to the Regional Competition. All registered contestants are invited as a fun warmup to the 2023 season. Instructions are posted below.

Online Face-Off

When and Who
Registration 9:30AM Date TBD
Contest at 10:00AM Date TBD

All contestants from a registered school can participate - ragardless of their score in the written portion, regardless of whether they participated in the written portion, regardless of whether they are competing in the online or in-person events, and regardless of whether a school's registration numbers changed since registration..

Links will be emailed to coaches after the close of registration.

Look Here for Instructions
Last minute instructions up to and during the Face-Off will appear here - be sure to look here if something goes wrong. Refresh the webpage if you cannot see any updates.

Math Challengers does not require a supervisor or an invigilator for contestants.

Coaches are invited to connect and watch, but are not required to do so.

Contestants may connect from any computer at any location, such as from home.

Contestants that read, understand, and practice all of these instructions will get higher scores. Our software is not fault tolerant, so if you make a mistake you will get a score of zero.

Face-Off has two parts - 1] Contestant Registration and 2] Questions.

During Contestant Registration the MC will give instructions for the Face-Off.

During the Questions part of the Face-Off, the message "Get ready for Qx" will tell you that the next question is coming soon. Confirm that you are sending to the correct person and put your cursor in the Chat window to get ready. Speed is important. The MC will reveal and read the question, and as soon as you know the answer send it. Do not wait for the MC to finish reading, send your answer immediately. Only send one answer. If you send two answers, both answers are disqualified.

You can ask a question by sending a Direct Message to CMCS-Questions. However, if the volunteer answering the questions gets busy and your question is already answered here, yours will likely not get answered.

Normal Math Challengers rules apply to format of answers [integer or common fraction in lowest terms unless otherwise specified, do not include units]. To respond with a common fraction answer, use the forward slash key I.E. "2/3". Do not put spaces in your answers.

Pen and paper are allowed. Calculators are allowed. Cheat sheets are allowed. Computers, Google, Alexa, and smartphones are all allowed to help answer questions. The only restriction is that contestants must not be helped by a human: spectators, coaches, fellow contestants, etc.

Each contestant will need their own computer and the meeting number or link, and meeting password. Contestants are encouraged to get this information from their coach well before the Face-Off starts.

Contestants must rename themselves in Zoom as follows: PoolGrade-SchoolName-Grade-TeamNumber-Identifier. Examples: FV9-PMSS-9-2-B, LMB10-WVan-10-3-D, VIC8-SMUS-8-1-A, OK10-OKM-10-2-B. Contestants must work with their coach to determine their Team Number and Identifier before the online Face-Off.

Pool assignments are TBD.

Video should be off and microphones on mute.

Points are awarded depending on how quickly answers are submitted. 25, 18, 15, 10, 8, 6, 4, 3, and 2 points for the 1st to 9th contestant to submit a correct answer, respectively. 1 point for each correct answer submitted after the 9th contestant. Because the chat function relies on contestants needing to type answers quickly, computers with a proper keyboard are recommended. Experimentation has shown that phones and tablets slow users down. There will be 20 questions.

Spectators are not permitted because of a limited number of connections. Spectators can watch "over-the-shoulder" of their contestants. A second monitor, such as a TV connected to a computer can be set to mirror a contestant's screen.

Coaches may connect and watch - please change your Display Name to be Coach-SchoolName - I.E.: Coach-UHill. There is only room for one coach from each school.

Participants who do not change their Display Names as requested will be disconnected without warning. Participants will be able to change their Display Name after connecting to the meeting.

To maintain privacy, names and likenesses should not be revealed.

Everyone is encouraged to practice using Zoom before the Face-Off. Contestants are encouraged to practice sending Direct Messages in Chat - especially while screen sharing is active. Participants should be familiar with moving between breakout rooms.

Competition Dates, Times and Locations

Please see the Events page.

Registration Information, Registration Deadlines, and Team Roster Submission Deadlines

Please navigate to the Registration Page.

About Math Challengers

Our official name is the Canadian Math Challengers Society; however, we generally just call our group Math Challengers.

Math Challengers is an enrichment, coaching and competition program that promotes mathematics achievement among students in Grades 8, 9 and 10 by
[i] challenging students with stimulating and thought-provoking questions, and
[ii] having school math teams compete with each other at local, regional and provincial tournaments.

The program builds skills, promotes strategic problem-solving, and exposes students to complex problems that require creativity and persistence in order to be solved -- all a critical part of our increasingly technological society. Moreover, it provides an opportunity to bring 8th, 9th, and 10th graders together to promote a lively exchange of mathematical ideas through competition.

Math Challengers promotes student interest in mathematics and mathematics-related careers by making math achievement as challenging, prestigious and exciting as a school sport might be. Teachers, volunteers and former student participants coach competitors beginning each fall and continuing throughout the year, either as part of in-class instruction or as an extracurricular activity. In January, in-school competitions are held to determine the five member school teams that will compete at a regional tournament. The training and practice throughout the school year leads up to a Regional Competition held in February.

The teams from the regional tournaments around the province then advance to the Provincial Finals in March, April, or May, where the B.C. school team and the individual champions are crowned! At each tournament level, all students participate in two individual contest rounds, then in a team round, and finally the top ranked students take part in a head to head buzz-in question-and- answer session [similar to the TV quiz show, "Jeopardy"], where the overall individual champion is decided. Trophies and awards are given to the top finishers at each tournament.

In addition to the in-province tournaments, a Post Provincial Finals enrichment meet takes place after the Provincial Finals for up to the top 30 students competing in the Grade 9 competition .

Spectators are welcome during the Face-Off Stage of the competition, which is a fast-paced buzz-in-and-answer session similar to a television quiz show. If you would like to see a different sort of math contest [rather than the usual sit-and-write format], come check out a Math Challengers competition--it just might make you want to enter a team of your own!

Math Challengers
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Math Challengers Competitors
Math Challengers Competitors

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